- The role play community "Order of Avalon" -


The "Order of Avalon" role play community is based on the interactive adventure "Avalon Tales" on Avalon. Each registered resident of Second Life® with role play ambitions can join the community for free. The community forum can be found here:


Community Forum


Keep in mind, to meet the simulation dress code and the Constitution of Avalon (simulation rules), before you enter the realm of Avalon. Since the sim category is mature, you have to be an adult over the age of 18 years (verified age), to enter the simulation.


Constitution of Avalon

Current news and articles from the Realm of Avalon, as well as other fantasy roleplay sims, can be found on the herald. All articles are written by a team derived from members of the Order of Avalon.

Avalon Herald

Realm of Avalon (start location): Realm of Avalon SLURL