This constitution is publicized under the permission of the sim owner, being the maximum Law in the great Realm of Avalon, the role players and the visitors are forced to respect this law. Failure to comply by any citizen will result in punishment.


The citizens of Avalon recognize the sim owner or his representative.

  • All citizens of Avalon are forced to be kind to other citizens, no matter kind of race, color, avatar or origin. No citizen may cause harm to any other, including but not limited to verbal abuse, demeaning or derogatory behavior, and rudeness. Harm does not include being "killed" on the Avalon HUD by traps, quests, or any other mechanic for the intent of role playing, as this mechanic is simply for role play and not to cause lasting harm.
  • Do not change or delete objects without the explicit permission of sim owner.
  • Removing scripts from quest items, especially weapons or shields and using them into other weapons, shields or other items, is a serious act against the constitution and will result, without warning, in immediate exile* from Avalon and a ban from the group. In rare, exceptional cases, the sim owner may give a custom quest item, weapon or a shield as a present to a chosen resident.
  • The citizens of Avalon are expected to follow the instructions of the sim owner or a designated official.
  • The sim owner may choose representatives to help him to enforce the law on Avalon.
  • This law recognizes the citizens of Avalon as every role player who belongs to the group "Order of Avalon". The role player can use every kind of medieval character, like knights, elves, dragons, nekos, vampires, werewolves, wizards, fairies, angels, dwarves; but not one can use any kind of power without the permission of the sim owner.
  • This law recognizes the visitors of Avalon as every person who comes to the land without being part of the group; every citizen is forced to respect them because they are possible citizens of Avalon. Visitors are expected to respect the principal rules of Avalon and its other residents.



Abuse and Rudeness

  • The harmony of Avalon is the most important. One cannot be rude to or abuse other citizens, or visitors, drama is forbidden in Avalon. Drama will be strictly persecuted, which may result in exile* from Avalon (see chapter 5 - Punishment).
  • In case of a conflict, abuse or rudeness between visitors or residents

    1. they are obliged to resolve the conflict personally, without involving the public or causing drama
    2. If the conflict cannot be resolved personally, the resident or visitor may file a report to LindenLabs, to have them resolve the case.

    3. If the conflict cannot be resolved by LindenLabs, the last option remaining is to avoid the other resident or visitor, or to stay away from the sim.

    4. Causing public drama will result in exile*, possibly for each of the involved residents or visitors.
  • The sim owner does NOT DEAL PERSONALLY with conflicts between residents or visitors, nor will he respond to such notes or messages.
  • Spam is forbidden in Avalon, including but not limited to group invitations, spam in group or local chat. Spammers will be exiled* from Avalon and banned from the group.
  • Advertising other sims, groups or communities on Avalon or inviting visitors or residents to other sims in group or local chat will result in exile* from Avalon and a ban from the group.
  • Usage of the Avalon HUD is required to complete quests on the realm. Failure to use the HUD can and will result in ejection without the ability to return to certain areas of Avalon. Usage of other combat systems must first be approved by the sim owner or a representative.
  • Avalon is a medieval sim; gun shots, light swords, bombs, cages or vehicles don't exist. Usage of any modern or non-medieval items is prohibited. People may wield for their own enjoyment medieval weapons only. This does not apply for the dragon encounter.
  • Residents are forbidden from wearing tags/titles from other groups that impersonate, attempt to impersonate, or otherwise could be construed to be official Realm of Avalon tags/titles while in the Realm. An exception may be granted by the sim owner or a representative to selected residents for the duration of special events.
  • Questers and first time slayers are to be given priority entrance into the Dragon's Lair by any and all Dragonslayers present. The needs of a quester, or a first time slayer, outweigh the needs of any Dragonslayer of Avalon. All Dragonslayers present are obliged to remind others of this, and all Dragonslayers are forced to comply with this ruling.


Dress Code

  • Medieval clothing suitable for this realm is required by all citizens, of any race, gender, and other such distinguishable features. More information about the dress code can be found on boards at the Catacombs and Keep bridge. Failure to comply with the dress code will result in ejection from Avalon. Repeated failures can result in exile* from Avalon.
  • Any kind of nudity is forbidden in Avalon, the use of sex animation, sex balls animators or any kind of sex HUD is forbidden too; failure to comply with this law will result in exile* from Avalon.
  • Full avatars do not have to wear clothes, such as dragons, where applicable, not allowing the exposure of genitalia.
  • Dress code requirements do not apply only in the market of Avalon, because foreign people come to Avalon just with the purpose of shopping.
  • The sim owner or a representative may teleport a user home for excessive script usage. All citizens are obliged to reduce their script usage during their visits on Avalon to ensure a low lag experience for everyone.



Discretionary Power

  • The authority is owned by the sim owner alone.
  • In necessary case only the sim owner can break the law.
  • The Lady of Avalon is an official representative of the sim owner. Her competences are determined by the sim owner himself and are not to be questioned by anyone.
  • The sim owner or a representative may designate Knights, to enforce the law on Avalon. As each rank, the Knight rank is not guaranteed and may be revoked by the sim owner without notification or explanation.
  • The sim owner or a representative can designate citizens to help in the government administration.
  • Any status or title within the Avalon groups is not a permanent guaranteed position. If it is so decided by the sim owner or a representative that one person should lose his or her position, the title will be renounced.
  • Shieldmaidens or Knights may change the tags of other citizens according to the quest results, or type of citizen. For example, the title "Fae of Avalon" may be designated to a Fae within the realm, and "Avalon Dragonslayer" may be designated to a player whom has beaten the Catacombs and slain the dragon.



The quests of Avalon have their own rules, but is important that every citizen is forced to respect this constitution so the principal rules in every quest are:

  • Flying is restricted on Avalon. Citizens are only allowed to fly, if they own an Avalon Dragon Mount, while having the mount equipped.
  • The use of artifacts, tools or special HUD to make the quests easier are forbidden and will result in exile* from the realm.
  • It's forbidden to help another citizen get the items of the quests by rushing them ahead using your own items; that is considered "cheating" under the laws of this constitution, however, citizens can complete quests together in small groups.
  • In case of confusion of the rules of every quest, this law will prevail on all the quest rules.



Hosting events on Avalon require the permission of the sim owner, regardless if the event is hosted by a staff member, a resident or a visitor.



The citizen who breaks the law of Avalon could be sanctioned or punished, according to the gravity of the act that could be:

  • An official warning and ejecting; this sanction is only in case of infringement of the law the first time.
  • Exile* for 2 weeks, this punishment can be used after a warning or in a more severe law infringement as decided at the discretion of the sim owner.
  • Eternal exile* of Avalon, consequently of the gravity of the act. Permanent exile is only used by the sim owner.
  • For a citizen, who has been exiled for two weeks there will be no second warning necessary before a permanent exile will occur.
  • Eternal Exile may be granted without the required warning or temporary exile for serious offenders by the sim owner.

The sim owner has the authority to exonerate the citizen of any kind of sanction or punishment, and sanction with exile*.

The sim owner may designate officials, to enforce the punishment.



The citizen can fly only in case of use a special dragon mount earned in Avalon; it is understandable that sometimes on arrival to Avalon a citizen flies for a moment, so the citizen is forced to land immediately.



This is the most important law, clothes, scripts, texts, armors, buildings, riding creatures and all kind of objects are intellectual property of their creators, and are protected under the international law of real life. Absolutely no one, can use any creations without the authorization of the creators, is forbidden by the role player to use objects of Avalon to merchant outside the Land of Avalon, the sanction of break this law is not inside second life, it is in real life under the protection of international laws about copyrights.

The visitors and citizens have the right only to have a copy of the protected clothes, scripts, armors, buildings, riding creatures and all kind of objects unless otherwise explicitly given other permissions by the sim owner. For example objects included in the treasure hunt may be given to an official with transfer permissions, however permissions to the next player are designated by the sim owner and the official is forced to comply.



This constitution has the effect with publication, and every citizen can have a copy of this constitution.

This law enters in force the moment the sim owner notify it, using the Order of Avalon chat group, the official web, or the notification in a public place of Avalon. Past issues regarding previous laws will not be re-examined under this new law.


*Exile applies to all avatars including alts of the same person.



Signed by:

William DeWinter