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Medieval Equipment & Avatars

The AVALON Design® main store is offering a wide ranged selection of professional designed avatar components, like skins, eyes, shapes, fashion, etc. The components converts your avatar in an almost photorealistic, real life like entity, attracting everyone's attention. "Wow" effect guaranteed!

The AVALON Forge is a part of the AVALON Design® main store. The medieval market is located at the first floor of the store, behind a large bronze door. The market product selection contains numerous fantasy avatars, like knights, dragons and monsters, as well as shoulder pets, statues, weapons, rideable mounts, decoratives etc.


All AVALON Design® products are also available on Xstreet.

Before purchasing any of the products, make sure, to read the AVALON Design® store policy.


AVALON Design® is a registered trademark outside of Second Life®. All aspects of AVALON Design® products and textures used for our products are DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) registered. All Avalon Forge (medieval market) products are also registerd as part of Avalon Design®. All AVALON Design® items, textures and all parts that makeup our products are the intellectual property of the creator. No aspect of the items and images used for our items are to be reproduced or utilized outside or inside of the Second Life® environment in anyway, shape or form! Copying or distributing any of our products, textures or any other part that makes up our items will violate the copyright. Violation of the copyright will be investigated by LindenLabs and also legal action will be taken outside of Second Life®. Violating a copyright is taken very seriously.