- AVALON - Interactive online RPG adventure in Second Life® -

“Take part in the amazing journey through the realm of Avalon. Explore enchanted forests, cursed graveyards, sunken ruins, deep catacombs and haunted dungeons. Solve riddles and mysteries, master obstacles and challenges, and fight ferocious dragons and monsters to find hidden treasures. Experience the magic of Avalon.”


The “Avalon Tales” project started in the beginning of 2007 with the interactive role play adventure quest line. The first of these was the “Catacombs of Avalon”. The virtual 3D environment of Second Life® was ideal for setting up the project and to create a suitable ambience for the adventure. The game system is a mix between a point-and-click adventure, a few arcade jump-and-run elements and an RPG/RTS PvE boss battle engine.

The first adventure begins at the entrance of a forsaken graveyard. After reading the introduction book and solving some basic quests, the player advances into the hidden catacombs beneath, a large multi-level area spiked with traps and roaming ghosts. The catacombs are an immersive, dark, gloomy dungeon experience and will require a lot of exploration and puzzle-solving by the player. On the way to the final encounter, a ferocious dragon, the adventurer has to face many dangers and riddles, forever facing down death as they quest their way to their final objective.

In 2008 the adventure continued with the second quest line “Tales of Magic”, mainly oriented on an intelligent NPC (non player character) communication / dialogue. The second adventure refers to the ancient wars against the Necromancers and Demons. The player has to travel through the realm of Avalon, exploring new locations, caves and dungeons, resolving puzzles, travelling through time into the past, and finally defeating an evil demon.

Numerous scheduled events are held by the administration of Avalon, including prizes. Details on these and when they are can be viewed in the official Avalon forums.

A screenshot galery and a group pool can be found on Flickr:

Avalon on Flickr

Flickr Group Pool


If you want to visit Avalon and take part in the role play or play the rpg adventure, you have to register at www.secondlife.com. Download the latest viewer from here, log in with your account name and password.

Use following SLURL (Second Life® link), to get to Realm of Avalon (start location): Realm of Avalon SLURL

Second Life® and the RPG adventure on Avalon are free.