There are NO EXCEPTIONS to the following policies!!

1.) NO refunds and NO exchanges. If you have a question about an item please ASK BEFORE BUYING.

2.) TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!!! If you are purchasing a skin please try a DEMO first!! Once you purchase a skin there are NO refunds and NO exchanges!! So make sure you choose the right skin for you by trying a DEMO!!

** If you encounter problems with the skin you have purchased please read the FAQ's notecard provided with the skin at the time of purchase. Read this notecard before writing a message to the creator. If after reading the FAQ's you still have a concern with the skin you have purchased at this point in time contact the creator.

Newbie information: Cant get rid of a DEMO skin?? Simply wear your previous skin. This can be found in your inventory.

3.) We are NOT interested in joining any new vendor locations, marketing groups or malls. We are not interested in selling our items anywhere other than at AVALON Design® so DO NOT ask.

4.) We DO NOT customize items.

5.) We DO NOT offer any items for resale!! BEWARE of people selling unauthentic products!! Our items are ONLY available at the AVALON Design® store. We DO NOT hire employees to sell our products in our store or outside of our store. Anyone claiming to work for us besides Vilem Beaumont & Akkarin Dryke are lying. Please inform us if anyone is misrepresenting themselves as employees!!


6.) All products are COPY / NO MODIFY / NO TRANSFER!! If you want to purchase an item as a GIFT please use the Xstreet website. The url is as follows: https://uncensored.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&MerchantID=68305

7.) DO NOT Solicit your products, services or anything you offer in our store! This will not be tolerated and you will be banned! Please report any avatar that tries to solicit you to Vilem Beaumont.

8.) ****** The AVALON Design® Main Store is NOT a Role Play Area. HOWEVER, leaving the main store through any of the magic portals you are entering the role play area of this sim!! By doing this you become subject to the sim rules and the dress code. Medieval attire is required when in the role play area of the sim!! ******

** All requests and notecards regarding any of the above mentioned policies will be ignored and/or declined. **


AVALON Design® is a registered trademark outside of Second Life®. All aspects of AVALON Design® products and textures used for our products are DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) registered. All Avalon Forge (medieval market) products are also registerd as part of Avalon Design®. All AVALON Design® items, textures and all parts that makeup our products are the intellectual property of the creator. No aspect of the items and images used for our items are to be reproduced or utilized outside or inside of the Second Life® environment in anyway, shape or form! Copying or distributing any of our products, textures or any other part that makes up our items will violate the copyright. Violation of the copyright will be investigated by LindenLabs and also legal action will be taken outside of Second Life®. Violating a copyright is taken very seriously.